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Research & Publishing

Authentic Research, Documentation and Publishing are most important aspects of preserving any work of a particular time that will have a huge influence on our future generation. Factorize conducts empirical research, documents and publishes all its works, cases, findings in longer engagements of Coaching and Music Therapy in the form of papers, books, articles, talks, recordings etc. Latest of our publishing work is a Book on Indian Music Therapy by Ruma Chakravarty. The book is titled “Music Therapy with Indian Music (Essentials & Sources) – Volume 1” Read More



This book is intended for students who would like to understand the essentials of Music Therapy with the framework of Indian music structure. At the same time the book tries to give a direction to them for digging dipper into the subject and research more on Music Therapy. For convenience of reading, the book is divided in three sections covering the essentials required for a professional music therapist, the origin of Indian music Therapy practices and basics of designing music therapy.

This book attempts ‘linking the sources to the practice of music therapy’. Many musicology researches are being done (and already done) on ancient texts; also healing aspects of Indian music is written about by scholars. Here in this book the author’s intention is to string together many elements and techniques of India’s age old traditional music into a single thread and see if that makes a complete therapeutic model; and then try relating those to today’s music therapy practices with Indian music.

The book is available in Amazon and Notion Press

Published Journal Papers

Impact of Carnatic Music Therapy Intervention on a Patient WITH Schizophrenia – A Case Report

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Schizophrenia is a chronic mental condition that brings many challenges along it. The condition hampers the thinking, learning, perceptions, behavior, daily activities, and performances of a person immensely. Schizophrenia has a lower prevalence (0.4%) than many other mental disorders in India, and worldwide it affects 20 million people. Management of symptoms of schizophrenia with Carnatic music therapy intervention is gaining significant scientific attention. The case report reveals that Carnatic music, a genre of Indian music proved to be beneficial for improving diverse symptoms of a patient associated with the disorder. We present here a case of 20 years old woman diagnosed with schizophrenia showing behavioral issues, hallucination, irritability, the incoherence of thoughts, etc. The patient was on Ayurvedic medicine however she was not showing much improvement. On the advice of the Ayurved, her parents consulted a Carnatic Music Therapist for exploring whether music therapy could have natural healing effects on the challenges. It is the first reported case of a long-term study conducted with vocal Carnatic music intervention on any patient with schizophrenia that describes the management/ improvement of the symptoms of the reported patient to the extent that she leads a near-normal life. The study was conducted for eight years in a non-clinical setup. This study offers feasibility that long-term Carnatic music therapy intervention may help improve the disorder-specific symptoms and rehabilitate the individuals with schizophrenia in order for them to lead a superior and inclusive life.

Neuro-Psycho-Social Rehabilitation for Elderly Patients: Multimodal Approach with Indian Music (Feasibility Study)

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Neuro-psycho-social rehabilitation of elderly patients with Indian music is an area that is growing steadily in India. Music is accepted well by the elderly patients and at the same time music can be targeted to address, improve and restore various elderly conditions that affect the functional, psychological and social health of the elderly patients.

The paper examines the feasibility of using multimodal approach with Indian music for neuro-psycho-social rehabilitation of disease-specific symptoms of two elderly patients – one having Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and the other having rheumatoid arthritis (RA), through longitudinal case studies. Both the studies were conducted in non-hospital set-ups. For both the cases, only qualitative observations were noted. Secondly, this paper discusses the feasibility of conducting next phase of experimental work (evidence-based research) for the rheumatoid arthritis patient from the qualitative outcome and that is to examine the effect of multimodal approach with Indian music for the patient’s desired outcome, which is improvement in walking (gait improvement).

Magazine Articles (Print & Online)

Indian Music Therapy : Ruma Chakravarty for SaamaGaana – The First Melody

Indian Music Therapy has evolved over time albeit slowly. This is the best time to explore, experience and experiment the therapeutic influence of very thoughtfully, artistically and scientifically structured Indian music that dates back to the Vedic era.

Today, people are thinking objectively, taking innovative as well as established approaches to study the effect of Indian music on various conditions to obtain measurable outcomes. This publication looks into the present scenario, the prospect and benefits Indian Music Therapy can offer.

It’s time when both experiences and experiments need to co-exist and complement each other to establish the credibility of Indian music therapy in global platform.

Therapeutic Essence of Music : Ruma Chakravarty for Eyra Magazine

In India, it is not very difficult to find acceptance for music therapy. People who understand music therapy do accept it well and do take much interest.

However, the issue is most people do not know about the art and science of music therapy. It is the lack of awareness, lack of evidence based research on music therapy in India and lack of common platform where music therapists can meet, discuss, share experiences that is affecting this domain. Now things are changing and absolutely for the better.

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